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Used cars and nearly new cars

Our vehicles come primarily from trusted previous owners, such as trade-ins, pre-reg. cars, company cars, financing and leasing returns. Only vehicles that meet our high quality standards find a place in our sales offering. We attach great importance to the maintenance, mileage and accident-free history of the vehicles we buy. This means we can offer you clear and trustworthy information on the sale and thus facilitate your purchase decision. Furthermore the vehicles are inspected and spruced up before sale and, if necessary, given a service and mandatory roadworthiness test (HU).

Small difference, big consequences

Often the terms "warranty" and "guarantee" are confused, but they actually have very different content!

A warranty is good ...

This governs the dealer's legal obligation to remedy deficiencies existing at the time of sale but which only became apparent later.

A guarantee is better ...

You as a vehicle owner might ask yourself, why do I need a guarantee? The car is as good as new! Whether extending the guarantee on a nearly new car or getting this for a used car ... you should not forego the added security of having a used-vehicle guarantee to prolong your enjoyment of driving.

It guarantees the functionality of the vehicle within a certain time frame from 12 to 24 months

It includes components in accordance with the specified conditions, even if the defect was not present at the time of sale and thus not the liability of the dealer.

It is an absolute must for every car buyer due to its wide-ranging benefits and high limits.

Ask us about the used car guarantee specifications!

GGG Garantie Versicherung has over 45 years of experience in the automotive business. It is one of the leading guarantee insurers in today's automotive sector and offers you fast and unbureaucratic help in all matters.

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Im Autohaus für EU Neuwagen, Jahreswagen und geprüfte Gebrauchtwagen mit Garantie


von Mercedes

zu günstigen


Große Flexibilität zeichnet die Modellpalette von Mercedes aus. Wir beraten Sie gerne, welches Modell am besten zu Ihnen passt!


Limousinen mit



Diverse Limousinen unterschiedlicher Hersteller. Wir beraten Sie gerne, welches am besten zu Ihnen passt!


Bis zu 40% Günstiger

Bestellen Sie bei uns Ihre Traumwagen als EU Neuwagen oder Jahreswagen bis zu 40% günstiger!


To your car dealer for EU re-imports, nearly new cars and used cars, checked through and with guarantee

Dream cars

from Mercedes

at favourable


Adaptability is a distinguishing feature of the Mercedes model range. We will be happy to advise you on which model serves you best!


sport saloons

A wide range of saloon cars from selected manufacturers. We are glad to advise you on the vehicle which will suit you best!

EU re-imports

up to 40% cheaper

Order your dream car with us, either as an EU re-import or as a nearly new car and save up to 40%!


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Phone: 040 / 25 48 28 40
Fax: 040 / 25 48 28 41

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